Week 03 – Lecture – Foley & Murch

Week 03 – Lecture – Foley & Murch

Megan and I presented on Jack Foley and Walter Murch. We both did research on our respective person and came together to teach each other what we learned so that we could both present on both people.

A couple key takeaways from the presentation:

Jack Foley

  • Lived in the silent film era; helped aid the progression of sound in film
  • Only dialogue was live-recorded. Foley & his team would project film on screen while recording a single track of audio that captured live sound effects
  • Foley artistry is continuing to expand with better recordings and more elaborate layering

Walter Murch

  • Worked as a film editor and sound designer; deeply understood the significance of both visual and aural worlds and how they intertwine
  • Developed new concepts for echo, 360 sound, and artistic creations
  • Murch’s innovative thinking impacts future sound designers by pushing the reality of sound in film

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