Week 06 – Assignment – The Ideas

Week 06 – Assignment – The Ideas

Assignment – Write one page on your ideas for the soundscape and interview and how you are going to go about recording them.

Working – Sitting down and focusing on generating ideas really helped me develop some good ones.


I wanted to portray the evolution of transportation through the different stages it has gone through. Using the foley room, I’d learn how to make footsteps and horses trotting, and I’d get recordings of a cars and trains. The evolution shows how much more comfortable and quick the modern-day public transport is.

However, I feel that having a large contrast of opposites in a soundscape piece would make things more interesting, so I also wanted to incorporate the concept of slowing things down to enjoy the simpler things. It’s good that we get to a destination a lot faster, but it’s bad that we overlook the importance of taking things slowly. I’d add this to the very end of the piece in order to create a large contrast between a fast and busy lifestyle and a relaxing and peaceful lifestyle – a soothing hum of train or cafe.

Foley horses:

  • Coins
  • Heavy weights
  • Neighs

Foley wagons:

  • Rumble (wind, voice?)
  • Something squeaky


Find a busker and get to know them. The overall concept is to know what a busker thinks of outsiders perceiving buskers and what a busker wants to say to the people of Brighton and Hove, either in an optimistic sense or a critical sense.

  • Learn what their story is as a busker
    • How did you get started?
    • Where did you first start performing?
    • How was the feeling of busking when you first began?
    • Why did you begin?
  • Day-to-day of being a busker
    • What are the best places to busk in Brighton and Hove?
    • How did you find places to perform in Brighton and Hove?
    • How did people treat you?
    • Were there any government policies or regulations against buskers with licenses or anything like that?
    • What is the most challenging part of being a busker?
    • What is the most rewarding part of being a busker?
  • Overall
    • How has busking affected your life?
    • If you could represent all buskers and say something to the people of the Brighton and Hove community, what would you say?
    • If you could say something positive about the people of Brighton and their relationship with buskers, what would you say?
    • If you could say something critical about buskers’ relationship with the people of Brighton, what would you say?

Reflection – A4-sized paper is very long in comparison to Letter-sized.


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