Week 07 – Lecture – Hamdan & Tidoni

Week 07 – Lecture – Hamdan & Tidoni

Eirin and Bianca presented on Lawrence Abu Hamdan and Davide Tidoni.

A couple of major takeaways:

Lawrence Abu Hamdan

  • Worked as a contemporary artist and forensic audio analyst
  • Developed the echo profiling technique – build image based on sounds you hear
    • Based on reverbs, can determine size of prison cells, which guard based on footsteps, what kind of torture device
  • Uses audio as a form of evidence and politics

Davide Tidoni

  • Researcher in field of sound and listening
  • “A Balloon” project – pop balloons in many different locations to hear differences in environments and their responses
  • Concept of sound storming
    • Participants develop site specific interventions in outdoor space
    • Used as mobile playground for collective experiment with sound

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