Week 07 – Assignment – The Sentence Stems

Week 07 – Assignment – The Sentence Stems

Assignment – Fill out some sentence stems for describing and planning soundscapes.

Working – Spent lots of time planning; so many things to consider before even recording the first thing!

Ideas for a template to describe sound

The place I am trying to create an acoustic portrait of are the stages of transportation.

Use of theory/other practitioners

I want to emulate Gary Heckler’s work when creating the sounds of horses in the Foley room. https://vimeo.com/11436985

Recording plan (tentative)

1. 5 minutes of general sound bed of outdoors, nature – Zoom

2. 10 seconds of slow footsteps – Sennheiser K6

3. 5 seconds of footsteps speeding up – Sennheiser K6

4. 8 seconds of running footsteps and breath – Sennheiser K6

5. 7 seconds of horse trotting – Sennheiser K6

6. 6 seconds of wheels of covered wagon – Sennheiser K6

7. 6 seconds of train – Zoom

8. 6 seconds of car – Zoom

9. 6 seconds of plane? – Zoom or iPhone

10.  10 seconds of relaxing room tone, light Muzak – Zoom

Reflection – Will make changes after recording and editing first version after seeing what works and what doesn’t. The template was extremely helpful for someone who is new to creating purposeful soundscapes.


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