Week 08 – Lecture – Young & Philipsz

Week 08 – Lecture – Young & Philipsz

Dantee and Claire presented on Samson Young and Susan Philipsz.

A couple of major takeaways:

Samson Young

  • Sound and installation contemporary artist from China
  • “Pastoral Music” project
    • Recreate sounds in war in order to show that movies can easily recreate war sounds
      • Bass drum – explosion
      • Fan – plane
      • Compressed air – sizzle in dynamite
  • Impact was recreating actual sounds in life that people assume to be controversial and try to represent it musically

Susan Philipsz

  • Scottish artist that focused on site-specific sound installations using her voice
  • “War Damaged Musical Instruments”
    • Criticised for making bad music, but she was less interested in creating music but rather see what sounds damaged instruments are still capable of making
    • Player breathes life back into the broken instrument
  • First sound artist to win Turner prize – put sound art on the map

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