Week 08 – Practical – The Foley Studio, pt 3

Week 08 – Practical – The Foley Studio, pt 3

Went back into the Foley Studio with the Sennheiser K6 and Marantz Professional. I went through the reflection of my previous blog post and recorded the adjustments.

  • Horse
    • Small breathing sounds
      • Became a crazy person to recreate
    • More “clink” for the bridle
      • Keys for my flat were actually perfect for a nice ring-off
      • Zipper from my backpack was also perfect
    • Additional slower trot
      • Punched the ground some more
  • Ground
    • Dragging of dirt against plastic box
      • Hands got very dirty
    • Less rock noises – clear the floor
      • Cleared the floor
      • Got lightheaded from running in place
    • Leaves need more ring-off/decay
      • Will use backpack zipper recording
      • May delete if doesn’t fit
  • Running
    • Kicking of dirt
      • Hands got more dirty
    • Breath more “uh” rather than “oh”
      • Got lightheaded, pt. 2
    • Stronger inhale
      • Got lightheaded, pt. 3
      • Actually needed a moment to regain consciousness

Here’s version 2 – Foley work should be all done! Off to record the real-life sounds!


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