Week 09 – Final Project – The Busker v101

Week 09 – Final Project – The Busker v101

Assignment – Host a 3 minute interview with someone who has something to say to Brighton and Hove community.

Working – My idea revolves around buskers and how they think the Brighton and Hove community perceives them. I walked around with my Zoom H1 in my pocket in case anything came up.

The hardest part was finding a busker who was willing to give up their time to have a chat and answer some questions. I was also very scared to interrupt their playing. However, I met Tim. He didn’t smile much when playing or talking, but everything he said to me was very nice and was willing to answer my questions.

Reflection – There are nice buskers out there! My initial search for them started off a bit rough with buskers brushing me off, but Tim was so nice that it reminded me that people’s demeanor don’t define who they are on the inside.

This is the first draft of my interview portion of my final project. I’ll ask for critiques in the next class.


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