Week 09 – Lecture – Mastering

Week 09 – Lecture – Mastering

Kevin came in and taught us about mastering. He emphasised normalising after every step, as well as going through a couple effects:

  • Noise
    • Capture noise print from a small selected section, then apply to the full piece
    • Start with noise reduction of 50%, 20db, then add or reduce from there
  • Limit
    • Controls quick transients to help boost the rest of the piece without clipping
    • Put Max Amplitude to 0db
    • Disregarding transients, see how much to boost using Input Boost
  • Multiband compressor
    • Broadcast preset – a lot stronger compression and squeezing
    • Classical master – more subtle compression
  • Fade in/out
    • At the end, redo fade in/out in case the noise floor got pushed up through post

Kevin was incredibly nice and helpful, and he’s very good at teaching. I’m hoping to reach out to him if I get the chance.


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