Week 09 – Lecture – Welles & podcasts

Week 09 – Lecture – Welles & podcasts

Shichen and Perry presented on Orsons Welles and the future of podcasts.

A couple of major takeaways:

Orsons Welles

  • Worked as an American actor, writer, director, producer
  • “War of the Worlds” Radio Broadcast 1938
    • Adaptation of H. G. Wells’ novel War of the Worlds presented as a series of simulated news bulletins suggesting an alien invasion by Martians
    • Fake radio ‘war’ stirred terror through U.S.; people thought it was an actual war
    • No television, so radio was primary source for live news


  • “Digital audio file available on internet for downloading to computer or mobile device as a series received by subscribers automatically” (dictionary.com 2017)
  • Continual decline in ownerships in radios from 4% to 21%
  • Gives listeners more choice, availability, and flexibility
  • Radio listening still dominates

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