Creative Production : Sound

Creative Production : Sound

This class has been an amazing sonic journey. It was a relaxed, yet informative class. Sound design was initially just a interest of mine. I’ve always been immersed in the world of sound and music. This class taught me:

  • Think in creative ways that the average person would not normally think about.
    • In order to produce a certain sound, we had to really reach out to our creative selves.
  • Pay attention to the sound in films.
    • Good sound design goes unnoticed.
    • Now that I am more aware of that, it makes me admire a film so much more.
  • How much can happen in the foley studio.
    • It definitely sparked another interest in me to work more creatively with foley.
  • Importance of learning about the sound practitioners.
    • It helped inspire many ideas and interests.

Many thanks to Tom Ottway for showing us the ropes and helping cultivate our ideas through sound! I really enjoyed the class; it showed me another world to film.


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