Final Project – Interview – “Brighton Busker”

Final Project – Interview – “Brighton Busker”

This radio piece entitled ‘Brighton Busker’ speaks of being a musician on the streets in Brighton.

With the interview wrap, the piece begins and ends as a traditional interview. The wrap assists in giving the listener context regarding the piece, for the piece then transitions into a non-conventional interview with only the voice of the interviewee. This follows the editing techniques similar to those of the radio show Love + Radio.

This piece focuses a lot on post production to help tell the story of street musician Tim. The soundbed consists of Tim playing guitar and singing on the street, and layered on top is his voice telling his busking story. Because the answers to the interview questions were quite coherent, the questions were edited out to make the piece more of a storytime vibe rather than a strict interview. For transitions in between non-coherent phrases, the levels of the soundbed were raised for the listener to hear some of Tim’s work.

By not following the format of the traditional interview, the piece much more laid back. It is as though busker Tim was telling his story directly to the listener themselves, making the entire piece much more intimate and unique.


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