Final Project – Soundscape – “Transformation of Transportation”

Final Project – Soundscape – “Transformation of Transportation”

This piece tells a sonic story of how transportation has evolved. It portrays how transportation has continually advanced in terms of efficiency and comfort.

The piece is initially set outside using a sound bed of sounds from the woods. Mostly created in the foley studio, the story begins with footsteps of a person walking, representing the very first mode of transportation in our world. The footsteps get progressively faster as the person goes into a light jog, and this is layered with rustling of clothes, brushing of dirt, and breathing of the person. The running then transitions into the trotting of a horse, the next form of transportation humans used. Foley artist Gary Heckler shows himself performing how he would record sounds of horses in a film, and this was the inspiration for the foley-studio horses. The trotting and dirt kicking were layered on top of the horses’ breath that was altered with post-production effects. The story progresses as the bridal gets added, along with wheels representative of a carriage or wagon. As transportation continues to increase in efficiency, the wheels on the carriage transform into the wheels of a bus. The listener is now sitting on a bus where the sounds are much less harsh than those of the carriage, and the tones are much more stable. The story carries on into the inside of a train, a mode of transportation that is faster and more comfortable than a bus. Finally, the piece ends with the soothing hum of an airplane.

The layering of several different elements from the foley studio contributes to the production of each individual section in the final piece. The sections are then assembled to transition smoothly from one part to the next, portraying the storyline of the advancement of the transportation we have in our world today.




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